Jacquie’s bells

Well hello,

so, one post follows the other one just like this recording session followed the one at Pierre’s…

Meet Jacquie’s bells. Jacquie is from a family of shepherds and lives near the woods, making honey, taking care of geese and chickens. Shepherds you say ? Yep, which gave him a keen interest in sheep/cow/otherbiganimals ‘s bells, and he has a LOT of them. Take a look at the picture :

Jacquie's collection of bells

Recording conditions were a bit rough as we were there with Jacquie’s friends (6 people laughing in a tiny room), but I managed to politely ask them to not make any sound for a few minutes. I wish I had more recordings of independent bells, as what I got are mostly mixed, but time was running out (6pm on december 24th !).

Rather than posting just the bells sound, I thought I’d share some outtake of us “preparing” a recording. Hear that marvellous strong southern accent :

Recorded with 2xSchoeps MK4>SD MixPre-d>PCM M10

After the recording session we went for a little “drink of friendship” in the form of way too much rose wine. While Jacquie was looking at me like a bit of a soft idiot for capturing all those sounds, when he actually took a listen at the end, he seemed quite happy with the results. I promised to bring him back a cd of the recordings next time I go there.

here’s a picture of his happy (?) face. On the right is his giant son.

Jacquie listening to the bells

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