Pierre’s amazing collection of everything

Well hello,

last christmas I was in the south of France near Draguignan visiting my grandparents. Nothing unusual so far. I had one idea in the corner of my head : meeting a funny man named Pierre who my grandma told me about. Apparently he owned 4 huge sheds filled with all type of junks, old cars, more rare junk, and some forgotten junk.

And I did get to meet him and see his place. Oh my. Huge collections of typewriters, sewing machines, old gardening items, wine bottling machines from another time, a washing machine from the 30’s, bottles, hammers, pipes, a human sized weighing scale, nice old motorbikes, half a rustey truck, an amazing car belonging to the wife of the english ambassador from the 40’s (!!!!), a beautiful Hotschkiss, and a Vermorel. It’s quite hard to describe the sheer amount of Everything being on display there, organized in some quite of improvised museum of the past century. Most of those things are found in dumps, garage sales, gifts, call from friends about a particular object lying on the sidewalk … He told me he found a large drill from the 19th century, which he gave to a local museum. I’ll have to see that one day.

I wish I could show you a picture (read, “I wish I wasn’t dumb enough to forget to take at least one picture”).

We spent (only) two hours recording things and then at 11am had a glass of rosé wine…hips.

My two favorite sounds are the Vermorel failing to start due to the cold (we got it started eventually) and some kind of wine pump device :

Recorded with 2xSchoeps MK4>SD MixPre-d>PCM M10

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