Whistling scaffoldings

A quick post, straight from my ongoing holiday in Sweden.

Today we were in Trosa, a little seaside resort which I understand is very popular during summer. It was dead empty at this time of the year, except for a thousand ducks and a few locals. A really windy and sunny day. More field recording posts will come from this town, as I got some cool bird material. One thing slightly less birdy was this small scaffolding, erected next to nothing (no house was built there yet). The wind flew nicely in its tubes and emitted a soft eerie drone tone. I had the good ol’ mics handy, and captured it quite swiftly.

Well yes, it's a scaffolding

The recording is very raw, very slight equalization and no denoise. The eerie tube whistling is disturbed in quite the weird way by the quacking of the ducks. I really like this recording, it was a good surprise.

Recorded with 2xDPA 4061>SD MixPre-d>PCM M10

Here is a picture from the “beach” at Trosa.

yummy sweden

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