July 14th planes


Every year for July 14th we get a military parade thingy on the Champs Elysees… which I’ve never been to… Because it’s much nicer to stay at the window watching the cool army planes passing by ! And pointing microphones at them, obviously.
I’m on the top floor so I have some sort of clumsy access to the roof, just enough space to let the microphone stand go through.
At the end of the recording, our old nemesis the bells make an appearance to screw up the last plane passes. I think it’s just the church taking its revenge against the Revolution by messing up our sonic panorama. Obviously.

Recorded with 2xSchoeps MK4 > CooperSound cs-104 > PCM-M10

Oh, it’s also the first appearance on this blog of my glorious new super mixer : the Cooper Sound Cs-104. I absolutely adore it, it’s in pristine condition and will make me happy until the end of the days. Look at it. Just lovely.


I also have to thank Michael Raphael for his help on choosing the right bag. (I admire his work, also)


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