lightning clap. yes

lightning clap. yes

Thunder, you’re a toughie.

I tried recording thunder and lightnings this early morning … I did okayish ! I am still guilty of pushing that gain knob a liiiiittle bit too much, I really should keep it even lower. It’s hard to know how super loud a big lightning is until it strikes, I’m learning step by step to adapt to it. At least now I think I pretty much locked the optimal gain for next time (hopefully…?). This is my third go at thunder and it’s quite the improvement on last month disastrous saturated takes.

There’s quite a lot of rain hitting the roof of the building in front of me, so those lightnings strikes aren’t exactly super clean, but still quite usable for sfx ! The massive one at 3:45 is quite yummy.

Recorded with 2x Schoeps MK4 > CooperSound Cs-104 > PCM-M10

Those thunders are quite the only bloody good thing coming off this insane heat we’re getting in Europe. I can’t wait for the autumn to arrive. Stupid, evil, horrible heat.

(oh yes, that crummy picture. well, that was this morning. yes this is real lightning on the picture, can’t you tell?)

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