Spring 2014 was good. Yes. I spent most of that time working on the upcoming movie Song Of The Sea by Tomm Moore.
I started the season with the coproducer SuperProd sending me over to Ireland, a fantastic occasion to record as many ambience as I could, and meet the crew at Cartoon Saloon.
After a couple days in Kilkenny, filled with nice people, good talks, surprisingly tasty food and joyful whiskies, I hopped into Tomm’s car for a road trip to Dingle. There, everyone was busy for a lovely animation festival… I took a peek at the schedule and would have been tempted by quite a few talks and screenings.
But that’s not the path of a field recordist, eh. Nope. Nu-uuh.
Morgen früh, I packed the gear and the sturdy shoes, got some indications from the Tourist Office lady and got on with the walking away from noise. Lovely roads and paths to walk on, in this beautiful country.
In the end I walked up and down and around for a solid 8 hours, and got some fucking great material for the movie, and that was only the first day ! Superb wind gusts on hills and through fences, magnificient silent air, beautiful calm birds in the distance, super sea scenes with cool waves.
But I’m not going to post any of this here, because I’d rather have you experience these ambiences at the cinema ! Gnihihi.
Instead I’m going to post one of the ambiences that didn’t get used in the movie : a bull doing some cows in the distance. That was the very first ambience I recorded around Dingle, so it’s about 9am in the morning. It’s lovely.

Recorded with 2xSchoeps mk4 ortf – CS-104 – Pcm-M10

Lovely country, fantastic film, the whole experience was fucking sweet. I’m very happy with the end result, the movie is beautiful, the foleys sound very nice, the music is great, the mix is sehr good, and I couldn’t have asked for a better relationship with Tomm and everyone involved in the project.
After the movie comes out, I’ll write a postmortem or something about the sound design work my colleague Alex Jaclain and I did. Yep.

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