Well, were we ever bloody well inspired by a holiday destination : le Jura.
A bit of context here : the Jura is one of the mountain regions you hear about in school, but you never ever meet anyone who's been there. The Alps get all the love, the Pyrennees too if you're Spain inclined, then are left poor old Vosges and poor old Jura. What's up with that ? So we booked our parisian asses in the car and drove over there.
Yup, we knew it : the place is fucking lovely.
So yes, go there if you're looking for peace and quiet and beautiful.
This marks my first trip with my fancy new MS set. My french peers may call me a traitor, but ORTF can go f&@k itself, I'm done carrying the dual mic and dual suspension and dual cables and all that dual business. MS is convenient, and for a hiker it just beats the rest flat.
I recorded about every declination of streams and brooks I could find (many), some nice calm fields, a few lake lapping… Short trip, though. One can only record so much before getting frowned upon by an exceptionally patient girlfriend. We were there to walk, after all.
Baume les messieurs and Chateau-Chalon were two exquisite villages to see, and so were every house we encountered. Beautiful big wooden stony places. My sound nerd mind drools at the idea of what I could find at a garage sale over there.
I'll leave you with a semi distant stream ambience. I think it is very nice.

Recorded with Schoeps MK4/MK8 – CS-104 – Pcm-m10


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