Girona Train Station


Huzzah, a little souvenir from last summer’s holidays.

A souvenir from the trip back, which is, er, not the best but hey. So yes, the city of Girona in Catalunia has this fancy new big fat train station. It really is huge, and super deep, and long and all those adjectives that describe something that is not tiny.It has this incredible reverb that you rarely can experience, sooooo long and envelopping. I could only dream of worldizing sounds there, but good luck with that.

While I did have the fancy soundgear, it was all super packed in the bag and the train was coming in 4 minutes later, so to capture this magnificience I had only the ol’ faithful PCM M10. Still very enjoyable. Hopefully I’ll go back there someday and record some high definition atmosphere.

Meanwhile, enjoy :

Recorded with Sony PCM M10.

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