Huskies !

Capture d’écran 2014-11-09 à 15.43.46

Dogs ! Wolves ! Barks ! Howling ! Microphones !

My field recording sense tingled quite a lot when I learnt about this sled race in a tiny village near Paris. Sleds with wheels mind you, surprisingly super fast. They are racing through a bit of the foret de Fontainebleau once a year, or so I gathered, and those cute blue eyed dogs just couldn’t escape the wrath of my microphone. So as I pointed the mic at them, they recognized the glorious task and barked and howled, knowingly providing the material I was looking for.

Or maybe I just stumbled onto them unknowingly. We’ll never know.

What we know is that these dogs are cute and apparently hate staying idle, as they noisily demonstrate. This was captured before the race, as everyone were gathered on the village central square. There are a couple of evil humans speaking here and there, thankfully they knew that shutting up was the superior option here.

Onwards with the wolf dogs :

Recorded with MK4/MK8 > SD MixPre-D > PCM M10

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