Fresh freelancer

Huzzah, I’m a freelancer now !

After more than 4 years working for a studio in Paris, I’m now mister grown up independent sound designer. Fortunately I’ve got work covered for a solid amount of monthes, which is definitely a good thing; although I’m also looking forward for (hopefully short) periods of nothing, for a possible rekindling of my lost max/msp skills … I miss it !


I timed the freelance thing pretty well, as I just purchased the Hybrid Library by PSE. Anyone reading Designing Sound would be familiar with it, but I must say it is indeed a pretty sweet deal. I’m still running through all the sound but holy f*ck there are some great stuff in there. I mean, back at the studio where I worked we were literally still running on 1997 libraries, with the occasional Boom Library purchase, but mostly we did with super old stuff.  No wonder we all became pretty active field recordists on the side 🙂

I bought SoundMinerPro along with the library (a bundle was available) which is awesome.

I’ll follow along with another blog post in the near future to report how it is going with the Hybrid compared to what I used to work with.

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