Well Hello.

My name is Felix Davin, I’m a tall frenchman sound editor.

I started as a laptop musician (was half of Hogo), which meant spending good chunks of my days on max/msp. Learnt a freaking lot about sound textures.

From then I flirted a bit with a more traditional music composition (some promo videos for this company and a couple of short movies).

Then moved on to the tasty space of sound editing. I have been working for this studio since summer 2010, which specialises in animation tv shows, cartoons, and live shows dubbing.

During the weekend I enjoy going outside with my microphones and/or staying inside tweaking sounds : this is what this blog is about.

I’m also a very passionate pc gamer, so I may throw the occasional blog about a yummy indie game or a particular piece of game audio.

Say hello with cyber words at davin.felix@gmail.com

qwack qwack

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