Sark island big wind

sark island

At the end of last october, me feet landed on Sark Island. A big fat storm was about to hit the place pretty hard, and the ol’ mics were up and ready to meet the gusts with open arms.

And yummy winds there were. This was recorded at the very northern part of the island, called “Bec du nez” if i remember correctly. As you can guess, the place is absolutely splendid.


recorded with 2x Schoeps MK4 > CS104 > PCM M10


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Busy buzzing bees

Oh hello there, blog.
Ah, the ol’ summer business has let you quite dry and empty. I’ve had my first movie sound designer fancy job last july, followed by intensive sfx editing on various tv shows (oh hello insanely sfx packed Lanfeust).
Anyway. Back to pointing microphones at things.
Speaking of business, I recorded some busy bees last August. I left the dpa 4060s in a lavender bush for a bit. It turned out quite ok !

recorded with SoundDevices MixPre-D and stereo dpa 4060

Ah, good old blog. How i enjoy thee.

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lightning clap. yes

lightning clap. yes

Thunder, you’re a toughie.

I tried recording thunder and lightnings this early morning … I did okayish ! I am still guilty of pushing that gain knob a liiiiittle bit too much, I really should keep it even lower. It’s hard to know how super loud a big lightning is until it strikes, I’m learning step by step to adapt to it. At least now I think I pretty much locked the optimal gain for next time (hopefully…?). This is my third go at thunder and it’s quite the improvement on last month disastrous saturated takes.

There’s quite a lot of rain hitting the roof of the building in front of me, so those lightnings strikes aren’t exactly super clean, but still quite usable for sfx ! The massive one at 3:45 is quite yummy.

Recorded with 2x Schoeps MK4 > CooperSound Cs-104 > PCM-M10

Those thunders are quite the only bloody good thing coming off this insane heat we’re getting in Europe. I can’t wait for the autumn to arrive. Stupid, evil, horrible heat.

(oh yes, that crummy picture. well, that was this morning. yes this is real lightning on the picture, can’t you tell?)

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July 14th planes


Every year for July 14th we get a military parade thingy on the Champs Elysees… which I’ve never been to… Because it’s much nicer to stay at the window watching the cool army planes passing by ! And pointing microphones at them, obviously.
I’m on the top floor so I have some sort of clumsy access to the roof, just enough space to let the microphone stand go through.
At the end of the recording, our old nemesis the bells make an appearance to screw up the last plane passes. I think it’s just the church taking its revenge against the Revolution by messing up our sonic panorama. Obviously.

Recorded with 2xSchoeps MK4 > CooperSound cs-104 > PCM-M10

Oh, it’s also the first appearance on this blog of my glorious new super mixer : the Cooper Sound Cs-104. I absolutely adore it, it’s in pristine condition and will make me happy until the end of the days. Look at it. Just lovely.


I also have to thank Michael Raphael for his help on choosing the right bag. (I admire his work, also)


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Good ol’ church reverb

Foucault Pendulum

Everyone’s favorite. I’ve never recorded anything in a church actually (although we all know now that it’s the way to success), tonight was a first… first time I drank some alcohol in a church too, and that was certainly not mess wine. So, yes, the place : not a church anymore, but the Musée des Arts et Métiers, where I was graciously invited by a friend who helped put together an Enki Bilal exhibition. Tonight was the opening.

I only brought the Sony PCM-M10 as I wasn’t sure how the security would react to me packing the dual mic set… I sort of regret it now. I guess I’ll have to go back, but it was a nice occasion to capture some random posh chatter in a church place. Be aware that the M10 is not match to the quality of the D50, but it still does the job. Also there was a Foucault pendulum, which is always a cool thing to see.

I like the talkie walkie at 0:40, it sounds like a distorted guitar :

Recorded with Sony PCM-M10

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Mr Me Too : Coil pickup

coil pickup

Alright, I realise it’s hardly original to post sounds recorded with a coil pickup. But well, these “mics” are just so fun and simple of use. So here are a few servos and such. I bought mine from Jez Riley French, and to my knowledge americans can have access to the same stuff in every Radioshacks.

There are sounds from a playstation 2 cd player, macbook, a blender, a yamaha QY70 and my blackberry.

Recorded with coil pickup in Sony PCM-M10

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Seagull on my roof

While your common bird in Paris would be the pigeon, we do have quite a number of seagulls in some places. For the past two years, come spring I get a seagull nest on my roof. They’re quite noisy and act as a natural alarm clock when they fly right pass the window, so I decided to record them this very sunday morning by waking up even earlier. For some reason the bloody things didn’t make a peep for one hour and I was left stupid with 30 minutes of empty Paris ambience (quite nice).

I did finally get a pass by as the nearby churches’ bells started to ring .

Recorded with 2xSchoeps MK4>SD Mixpre-d>PCM-M10

Here you can see the mom near the nest.

annoying little thing

annoying little thing

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