Thunder scaring a wooden window

Photo du 09-11-2014 à 15.30

Oh hey. It’s that time of the year again, when wood and thunder go hand to hand … ? Mh, nevermind, I couldn’t figure out a decent introduction for this post.

Here we have, a wooden panel that protects a window, which I’m sure has a name in english but I’d be damned to find it, being rattled by thunder. And there are birds in the background, who don’t seem to mind the rain pouring on their tiny heads. Oh well.

It’s one of those sounds that will probably find very little use in my day to day sound designer job, as there are a bit too much elements happening at the same time. It is a very nice Paysage Sonore, though, so there.

Recorded with MK4/MK8 > CS-104 > PCM M10

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